Critical Cancer Information
Step by Step Action Plan for Victory

You Have Cancer – These are three of the most dreaded words in the English language. When you hear them you are devastated, overwhelmed… thinking this can’t be real… not me… what should I do?  This website provides you with the critical cancer information you need to make the most important decisions you will ever make in your life and a step by step action plan for your victory over cancer.

Cancer Information-Take Control

This website is not a comprehensive listing of cancer information and cancer resources. The internet is full of those websites. We provide you with the critical information and resources that we found to be necessary to take ownership of your cancer and a step by step action plan to chart your course to victory.

The cancer information on this site is what we have found from personal experience and extensive study to be of critical importance in making the decisions facing you.  We are not medical doctors and as you see in the chart above our first recommendation, after taking ownership and developing hope through knowledge, is to choose the best cancer centers and the right doctors and understand all your therapy options.  All the cancer information, resources and recommendations are based on what the ‘Right Doctors’ recommend and will be documented and referenced for your review.

So, let’s get started.  The chart above summarizes what we have found to be the critical steps for your victory over cancer.  Each step will be discussed, expanded, explained in detail and documented with references in the pages of this website. 

Develop Hope Through Knowledge

The first thing you have to do is to weather the shock of your diagnosis and accept the reality that yes this is real and that it is up to you to take control of your path forward.

The first critical step on your path to victory over cancer is to understand what cancer is at a level sufficient to help you see that there is hope for victory, that there is hope for your life and that there are positive things that you can do that are totally in your control to help you attain a victory over cancer.

You need to understand that the cancer statistics you have been told or read are based on averages and that if you don’t settle for an average or standard treatment you don’t have to settle for an average outcome.

You must seek out the Best Cancer Centers and the Right Doctors and follow their state of the art recommendations for Diagnostics and Therapies.

To convert this knowledge to hope you need to spend some time reading Cancer Survivor Stories about cancer patients that have followed the non-average path we will show you and how they have attained victory over their cancer so that you can have that hope that you will need to motivate you through your journey.

Cancer Information-The Right Doctors

Once you take control of your cancer, attain hope through acquiring basic cancer knowledge and make the commitment to make your own decisions, you need to be certain that you have access to the Best Cancer Centers and the Best Cancer Doctors to provide to you the Best Cancer Treatment Options that are available and that integrate the best of standard, new and complementary cancer therapies.

Adopt an Anti-Cancer Lifestyle

One of the actions that is most under your control, one of the actions that is least likely to be recommended to you but most doctors, surgeons and oncologists is to adopt an Anti-Cancer Lifestyle – not just now, not just next year but for every day of the rest of your life.

We will explain and document how adopting a Plant-Based Diet coupled with the right Cancer Fighting Supplements, Exercise and Stress Reduction will enable your magnificent body, mind and soul to work together to activate your immune system and provide your cells with the nutrients and the metabolites needed to achieve and sustain a victory over cancer.