Cancer Survivor Stories
Develop Hope

Cancer Survivor Stories-Read the personal stories of cancer survivors and how they achieved their success. The second of the four critical steps in the CancerJedi formula for Victory Over Cancer shown below is to develop Hope through Knowledge by: 1) learning that Cancer Statistics are based on averages and that you don’t have to settle for the “average” standard of care treatment; 2) grasping and internalizing What Cancer Is and 3) Reading stories about how other people just like you have achieved victories over their cancer.  There are no guarantees with cancer but these stories show you there is hope and a path to victory.

Cancer Survivor Stories
Learn from Cancer Survivors

If you do a Google search on Cancer Survivor Stories you will find a large number of stories about people who have survived various types of cancer. While these are great to read, the issue we have with these stories is that most do not give any indication of what steps were taken to achieve success nor was there any indication of how long a survival or remission had been achieved.

We feel that most of these stories are likely to come from the successes of the average of standard of care treatments.  A more detailed discussion of standard of care cancer treatment is given in our Cancer Treatment Options pages. 

Standard of care cancer treatments are for the most part based on the average outcomes from treatments developed in clinical trials of patients with specific types of cancer. While the success rates of the standard of care treatments vary with type of cancer, the range of successful remission of cancer is usually from 20 to 40%. For many types of cancer these successful remissions from standard of care are measured in additional weeks to months of survival. For stories which do not indicate the time frame of remission and without specific inclusion of steps taken to achieve success, it is difficult to use these types of stories as the basis for our Hope.

Selected Stories of Cancer Survival

We have organized our Cancer Survivor Stories by cancer type. For each type of cancer, we have chosen stories that document the steps taken or for which we know the cancer treatment options that were deployed. Also, each story documents the extent and length of the remission, at least as much as the patients have chosen to share. For each of the links below we document the source of each cancer survival story and the cancer centers or cancer doctors and the cancer treatment

What we present here are stories of cancer survival gleaned and summarized from our chosen cancer center and cancer treatment websites that document both the specific steps taken to achieve success and give an indication of the extent and duration of the remission.  The sources for the stories we share those patients of Dr. Robert Nagourney and Dr. Keith Block

Breast Cancer Survival Stories-Patients of Dr. Robert Nagourney   

Breast Cancer Stories-Patients of Dr. Keith Block

Colon Cancer Survivor Stories-Patients of Dr. Robert Nagourney   

Colon Cancer Survivors-Patients of Dr. Keith Block

Lung Cancer Survivor Stories-Patients of Dr. Robert Nagourney  

Lung Cancer Story-Patients of Dr. Keith Block

Ovarian Cancer Patient Stories-Patients of Dr. Robert Nagourney  

Ovarian Cancer Survival-Patients of Dr. Keith Block

Pancreatic Cancer Survivors-Patients of Dr. Robert Nagourney  

Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer Survivors-Patients of Dr. Keith Block

Stomach Cancer Cure-Patients of Dr. Robert Nagourney   

Endometrial Cancer Survivors-Patients of Dr. Robert Nagourney