Why CancerJedi.com

You may be wondering why we chose CancerJedi.com as our domain name.  There are two reasons.
First, we wanted to pick a domain name that would help people and the search engines find and remember us.  This will better enable us to reach our goal to reach of helping as many people as possible that have been diagnosed with cancer.  That meant we needed a domain name that was short (10 characters or less), contained our main site concept name (Cancer) and also had some kind of unique and interesting spin that would capture the attention of our readers and be easily remembered.  CancerJedi seemed to meet all three of these critical criteria.

Second, the more we researched Jedi and understood who they were and what code they lived by the more we came to like the domain name CancerJedi for our website.  The Jedi are of course the fictional ancient monastic, spiritual and academic organization created by George Lucas for the Star Wars movies.  The Jedi were a group of teachers, philosophers, scientists, physicians, diplomats and warriors who valued knowledge and wisdom. So, no matter how you choose to approach your cancer diagnosis - as a warrior, a scientist or a philosopher or… - you can be a CancerJedi. The Jedi were committed to living by the Jedi Code which is shown below along with an adaptation of this code which we call the CancerJedi Code.

So, we invite you to become a CancerJedi and follow the CancerJedi code.